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Are you joking? The vast majority of treaties that the US signed with native tribes have NEVER been honored. I mean, if you really want, I can compile a list, but I feel like this is pretty common knowledge. I just don't get why you or anyone else thinks you're "owed" anything from native tribes. It's just hilarious. And the notion that because there are "fat cat" leaders profiting in the tribes, therefore they should pay taxes is ridiculous. You don't even require your own wealthy to pay the taxes they should - why not start with them instead of hassling indians? Seems a bit hypocritical to say anything about natives simply following in the footsteps of your own "great" country.

So what is the solution? Do we go back in history and UNDO all of the wars fought and won/lost and give what was taken back to the "original" owner. Man that would be a lot of work.I believe in equality for all. They can live whereever they want but let them pay taxes and be treated like everyone else. This treaty crap is a joke. They LOST the war get over it and go forward. No special treatment.
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