The fact that so many millions are here illegally, and are pouring over our borders
by the tens of thousands nightly, and daily, pretty much says it all. Not to mention
we contribute more in aid to the world, to the UN, and react quicker with humanitarian aide
to every disaster in the world than any other country in this world.

One word sets the record on our two party system and how it is destroying our land. KATRINA.
Yet just about EVERYONE in the world wants to live here, be they ex-Beatles,
or Emanual the Farm worker, AMERICA is the land everyone wants to raise their family in.

To say otherwise would be to deny the millions flooding into this country on rafts,
in tunnels, hopping desert fences, crammed in shipping containers and into decrepid sailboats
meant to carry 6 people, barely afloat with 100's on board.

Yeah. It must be really freaking terrible to be living in the USA.
America has problems.

We can fix that.

America is not THE problem.

Next time. Vote for the AMERICAN.