Are you saying that the bid proposal is wrong? Martin told the IDA that these are the proposed uses. And the IDA said they were approving it to promote tourism:

1. Future white deer tours headquarters.
2. Future restaurant to provide meals for all Seneca Dairy personnel.
3. Future access to a campsite on the depot which will include bunker cabins.
4. Future playground for campers from Deer Haven Campsites along with potential access for Sampson campers and possibly the public.
5. Access to our future planned Mini Golf site.
6. Site of our future museum featuring a timeline of the region pre depot until today.
7. Temporary office space for our companies as they grow.

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that stuff wasn't planed for the Hillside property. But you have a WAY, don't you !!!
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You mean no bunker camping? No mini-golf? I am devastated.

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he'll probably flip it.

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