Letter to the Editor, 9/18/20, Finger Lakes Times, Geneva, NY

--- Well past time for electoral collage to be eliminated ---

To the Editor:

Since April 2019 I have written numerous Letters to the Editor of this newspaper (before this one) blasting Trump. The paper estimates that approximately 25,000 people read it every day. I can only assume that most of them read my letters.

Now suppose my letters convinced 100 people not to vote for Trump. Unfortunately that would not make one bit of difference in whether he is reelected because I live in New York, which is not a swing state!
Our president is elected by the electoral vote and not by the popular vote. Biden is going to easily win NY without my help. Hillary Clinton beat Trump by 3 million popular votes nationwide in 2016. If I lived in Pennsylvania or some other swing state, 100 votes could make the difference in who won that state! And in a close electoral college situation that one state could make the difference in who is elected president!

It is far past time that the electoral college is eliminated and the president is selected by who gets the most votes of the people as every other election in this country is decided.

But if we want to make sure the Trump propaganda machine is gone for good, we need to get as many anti-Trump votes as possible in all 50 states so the outcome is overwhelming and another candidate never again comes up with this type of baloney threatening our democracy.

Nov. 4, 2020 to Jan. 21, 2021 may be the most dangerous time ever in the history of this country. Win or lose, Trump will still be the president and will no longer have to worry about the voters. Regardless of the outcome of the election, he will declare he won and the election was rigged. He would still have the nuclear football. I don
Trump asked if he could pardon himself!