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Wrong, we Trump supporters just read and shake our heads knowing better than to engage the progressive folk. We can't enlighten closed minds.
You agree with the stuff that Thomas Decker posts?

No. Not as a rule.

Closed minds ROTFLMAO
Please help yourself out son by going back in your postings and tell the fine folk here what solutions have either of you elicited in solving the Pandemic or unemployment? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!
You remind me of a engineer who gives out job tasks but have no schematics, jobs detail or material on hand...just a whole lot of bloviating. Randomly picked out a job title but no knowledge of what you're doing...Care to give any solutions???? didn't think so-whatsoever....I love to listen to racist fools who know only namecalling as an answer to all problem...Notice that I readily call a fool? because I can go one better son, I listen to the experts and heed their warning while you heed the advice of a pathological liar. When you can explain how we reached a curve of 140000 deaths maybe you have a chance of sounding like you have some common sense and maybe intellect will follow