Trump's favorite line "You probably didn't know this" interpret meaning that he didn't know Jack until someone recently informed him. His problem, he doesn't understand the history of slavery and how after 400 years since it's inception, many minorities are seeing a resurgence of residuals relating to why it has become a 400 year battle. They understand it all so well. Now here is the predominant irony of Trump's thought, slavery is defined as the act of holding a individual hostage in terms of physical liberty or obstruction of one's Constitutional rights or an individual deeming themselves indentured servants who owes someone a favor, in this case. a loss of freedom., We are witnessing a total loss of one's Constitutional rights primarily in the White race who feel the need to give Trump their total and undivided allegiance. For their loyalty? death, high unemployment and a repeat of those things that ironically so a Black man lead them out of. Maybe just maybe they can understand why minorities tend to avoid those things which reminds them of slavery while many Whites are now embracing it. So who is truly in need of a lesson in history of slavery?