Thank God for technology today and say 100 years from now, history will not be kind to Donald J. Trump. American history has over the centuries made a mockery of reality and instead chose to make heroes out of racist war generals, presidents who owned and abused slaves, called the original owners of the country heathens and nearly annihilate an entire race while forcefully taking their land, we call America. We witnesses White Anglo Saxon bring diseases and crime to this country and call it civilization. We hired explorers to bring unwilling humans to these shores for the purpose of free labor and told them to obey or be killed. This country took advantage of Italians and Irish immigrants by having them work for menial sums while exposing them mosquitoes and starvation.. the country now composed of races and ethnicity from all 4 corners of the universe must now contend with a White racist who states the key to a America being great again forgot it's original state, free of White men, disease, pollution and racism.