vanka Trump: US Gov Will Emphasise Skills Over ‘Outdated Degree Requirements’ in Federal Hiring

The development comes as a host of private companies, including Apple, Lockheed Martin and Siemens have joined a Trump administration initiative geared toward promoting multiple education and training pathways, likely benefiting those who did not attend university.

Ivanka Trump has announced the penning of a new Executive Order (EO) in hiring for federal government jobs that will privilege skill sets over university degrees.

Ivanka- who doubles up as an advisor to her father, President Trump - has said that the new policy would make room for the “talents and competencies of all Americans” to be considered for federal employment and will ensure that government agencies move beyond “outdated degree requirements” in the hiring process.

I think this is a fantastic move. I don't have a college degree and I have been discriminated my entire life because of it. I have been passed over for promotions, better paying jobs, ect…..because well, you don't have a degree. Total bullshit because to me, I have always said, that experience should trump any degree. Sorry just my humble opinion. I have seen college degreed little assholes who are totally worthless in the workforce get higher paying jobs, and then EXPECT to get promoted right away, because they are so special and I have always just been the workhorse who held the place together. I have raised my kids to work hard, and then find ways to work harder. It may not ever get you anywhere, but I have taught them that they are not entitled little brats who will act as they are ever above anyone. That they need to EARN their place; it will NEVER just be handed to them. So far….I am seeing great results with them. The world needs more redblood hard knuckle WORKERS who will bust their asses, and be rewarded for it in their paychecks. Not because they have some lousy degree that basically their parents paid for, for them to party away from home for 4 years (and I am not saying ALL are like this, of course not…'s just that is what I have seen in my 30+ years in the workforce. )

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