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One of the worse thing any of us can do us is show pity because most of the time all an individual have left is dignity, yet it appears you've lost that and self respect. No adult with aforementioned qualities would bring themselves down to the disrespectful way that you conduct yourself. I don't pity you for being wheelchair bound but I DO pity you for a mindset that should rise above your physical limitations.

laugh laugh laugh Keep your pity dummy, I don't want any of your stupid traits to rub off on me. laugh laugh laugh

ROTFLMAO, one thing you can't stop son, is the PITY I have for you. Notice the postings from Ben? Apparently you lack the common sense to just move on but PITY is what you'll get from me while you move on, if you can do that much for yourself, uneducated trash with a huge chip on their shoulder while handicapped in more ways than one is just about low down as one can get. Back to you Ben
I leave this world with no regrets