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HWS could do this (delay response until after an investigation), at the risk of the delayed response

Your statement below is from a different thread

It appears you want the tax exempt properties to help cover the costs thru higher water and sewer increases

The Benefits Assessments District that city council was going to move forward with would have had a far greater amount coming from the tax exempt properties like HWS but HWS was going to sue the city aka taxpayers

The Benefits Assessment District would have brought in about $2 million more per year from the tax exempt properties

Savings? You mean how much will the increase be? Just because they're not increasing the rate doesn't mean your taxes will be reduced, just that your new (higher) assessments times the unchanged rate is sufficient to meet the demands of the new budget. But it's not too late to start looking at your assessment vs. comparable properties to see if you are over-assessed.

I'm actually glad there are increases in the water & sewer since the tax exempt properties have to pay those. Hopefully the City is allocating as many costs as possible to the Water & Sewer budgets