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I guess the point of this thread is to reduce alarms! not all false alarms are malfunctions. That being said, yes they have the means thru programming to reduce these types of responses.

The point of this thread is for bluezone to have another platform to once again rail against the public education system. And lest anyone get worked up over my assertion, all one need do, is to conduct a cursory review of these forums to see her endless diatribes attacking any and all components of public education. locally or nationally.

If BZ were sincere about her stance(s) on the subject, she'd also mention other (and more costly) "drags" on the economy overall. Corporate tax breaks, churches, hospitals, and so on...

Disproportionate taxation is a noble point of discussion as it relates to a struggling economy. Doing so while transparently forsaking far more costly examples is not. Especially when one endlessly throws around false arguments and baseless assumptions while at the same time never EVER directly responding to dissenting viewpoints or presented verifiable, relevant facts. That is, unless of course, answering debate inquiries with cyclical answers can be considered 'sincere, reasoned debate.'

Addressing the very serious issue of poverty while limiting the argument to HWS alone (as BZ's thread title demonstrates) is convincing evidence of an entrenched, one-sided bias, and is disingenuous at BEST. It's certainly not a true attempt to address the greater issue.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.