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Thanks for your service!
And you support a president who was a draft dodger and cares nothing about anyone but himself veteran or not. He cares less about anyone other than himself else like no one I have ever heard of. It is beyond disgusting.

Good Gawd, try to stay on topic, I didn't say a word about our President's draft status, besides his draft number in 69' was around 350 +/-...look it up.

It just astounds me when someone speaks of "Facts" yet finds no time to take a few moments to submit "facts" You're defending an A hole who among thousands of potential draftees avoided induction, the big difference, even draft dodgers had enough common sense and decency to avoid denigrating those that served, many of whom gave their lives. I have a Nephew that gave his life doing the start of the Middle East conflict, how about you or your love ones?