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Turkish president claims he taught Senator Graham “a lesson” for anti-Turkey remarks

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — On his way back to Ankara, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Turkish journalists that he taught Senator Lindsey Graham “a lesson” for his comments against the Turkish invasion of northern Syria.

His remarks follow a two-day visit to Washington DC, in which he met with US President Donald Trump and a number of senators.

Five Republican US senators, known for their strong criticism of Turkey's Operation Peace Spring against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, were invited to the Trump-Erdogan meeting.

Prior to his trip to the US, the Turkish president said that he would try to revert the stance of those Americans who see the Turkish operation in Syria as an invasion.

However, a source who was present in the room told US outlet Axios that Erdogan’s video “was unpersuasive”

Senator Linsdey Graham is reported to have asked Erdogan “"Well, do you want me to go get the Kurds to make one about what you've done?"

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