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Once again proving that a reality TV star, without any moral compass, has no business being president of the United States.

Couldn't agree more.

On the precipice of doom by toehold. May his AMORAL compass trip up the muddle headed maniac. Good riddance.

Syrian Kurds accuse Turkey of using banned weapons against civilians

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Kurdish military and political leaders and health officials have accused Turkish forces of using internationally outlawed weapons in its offensive in the northern Syrian town of Sari Kani (Ras al-Ain) and have asked for an international investigation.

"There are a lot of fears that prohibited weapons are being used in Sari Kani. Wounds we treat at the hospitals are not normal injuries at all," Dr. Manal Mohammed, head of the Rojava Health Board, told Rudaw on Wednesday night.

"Our health board is currently investigating to find out what type of weapon is being used against us. Like I said, wounds we treat are not normal at all,” the doctor said.

Turkey has not commented on the alleged use of banned weapons, but Ibrahim Kalin, the Turkish presidential spokesperson, accused people of levelling false allegations against Operation Peace Spring.

“Those who are smearing the Operation Peace Spring are those who are frustrated, angry and funny for losing positions in Syria,” Kalin told a press conference in Ankara late Wednesday.

Spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Mustafa Bali tweeted “we suspect that unconventional weapons are used against SDF fighters” in Sari Kani.

He appealed for an international investigation, saying the local teams on the ground lack the expert knowledge and the foreign specialists and humanitarian aid groups have withdrawn from northern Syria.

Aldar Khalil, an executive board member of northern Syria’s ruling Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), told Sterk TV on Wednesday that medical examinations “confirm claims that Turkey is using banned weapons containing phosphorus and napalm.”

White phosphorous phosphorous is commonly used to create smoke screens or as an incendiary weapon. Its use is controversial and is prohibited in areas where civilians are located.

The US-led coalition was criticized for appearing to use the chemical during the war against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria.

Napalm is a viscous substance that burns at extremely high temperatures. Its use against civilians is banned by a United Nations convention.

Turkey launched its Operation Peace Spring into northeastern Syria last week. The fighting is largely concentrated in the towns of Sari Kani (Ras al-Ain) and Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) on the border where the Turkish army and its Syrian proxies claimed to have seized control, but the SDF says it has retaken lost ground.

Dozens of civilians have been killed in the offensive. The Kurdish Red Crescent reported 62 people have died at Tal Tammer hospital.

Mazloum Kobane, commander of the SDF, told Ronahi TV on Wednesday that 205 civilians have been killed by Turkish forces.

Banned weapons have been used multiple times against civilians in the more than eight-year long Syrian conflict.

In November 2018, the US was accused by the Syrian regime and Russia of using white phosphorus in the fight against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor.

The Syrian regime been accused of using barrel bombs and chemical weapons including chlorine and sarin gas against rebel-held neighbourhoods.

The international community has voiced its concern over reports of Turkey’s Syrian proxies committing war crimes by executing civilians, prisoners of war, and a female Kurdish politician. The United States joined European nations on Wednesday in calling for a halt to the offensive.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed he will not bow to the growing international pressure. “They say ‘declare a ceasefire’. We will never declare a ceasefire,” he said on Wednesday. “They are pressuring us to stop the operation. They are announcing sanctions. Our goal is clear. We are not worried about any sanctions."

Turkey considers the Syrian Kurdish forces a terrorist organization.

US Vice President Mike Pence is travelling to Ankara to try to negotiate a ceasefire.


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