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I'm completely puzzled here. Today we celebrate Columbus birthday with the closing of federal buildings. His supposed discovery open the door to a massive genocide of American natives who were called of all thing "SAVAGES" for defending themselves. Today, the entire world gets to see in it's full glory, an administration of corrupt White men, one in particular who has risen to be the worst and corrupted president in history. His disdain for people of color is over overwhelmingly evident while his propensity to lie is setting a new record daily. Question, if Trump supporters deem him as good president, how do we describe his predecessors who brought a nation together in hard times, ran a balanced budget, held a very diverse cabinet while no one went to jail. Every other word wasn't HUGELY BIGGLY, BEAUTIFUL because former presidents mastered the art of communication. Most had one wife and released their taxes etc....maybe we are looking at history backward...Good is BAD and BAD is the new GOOD.
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact