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Foreign journalists, civilians reportedly targeted in Turkish airstrike

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Nine people were killed when a convoy of foreign journalists and civilians was reportedly struck by a Turkish jet on Sunday afternoon, a war monitor and local media have reported.

According to Rudaw’s reporter in Rojava, the convoy had been heading to Sari Kani (Ras al-Ain) from Tel Tammar in northern Syria when it was caught in an airstrike.

Nine people, including 5 civilians and a journalist, were killed in the strike on the humanitarian support" convoy in Seri Kani, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

Foreign journalists were on board the convoy, the Observatory confirmed. Hawar News, a media agency close to the ruling Kurdish authority in Rojava, also said foreign journalists were among the passengers.

The death toll is set to rise, the Observatory said, with some convoy passengers, including children, currently in a critical condition.

Northern Syria-based North Press Agency (NPA) reported the severe injury of one of its journalists, named by the agency as Delsoz Yousef.

Footage taken on the scene by Rudaw in a Tel Tammar hospital shows the blanket-shrouded bodies of five of those killed in the convoy strike.

A gruesome video shared online showing the alleged aftermath of the strike shows dead and wounded people scattered among the burning wreckage of vehicles, body armor, camera tripods, and backpacks.

Among the bodies are several armed men.
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