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US forces 'left us here to die': Kobane residents after reported Turkish shelling of American base

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Residents of an area where Turkish forces reportedly fired at US Special Force Friday night said they had been left to die while American troops were airlifted to safety.

Turkish forces reportedly fired at US troops on Mashtenour hill in Kobane, northern Syria, by mistake. Turkish shelling was so heavy that US personnel considered firing back in self-defense, a senior Pentagon official told Newsweek. The Turkish Defense Ministry issued a statement shortly afterward denying that its military had targeted US forces.

The Special Forces troops were immediately removed from the targeted area by helicopter.

Reporting just a few hundred meters from the US base on Saturday, Rudaw’s Rangin Sharo spoke to panicked locals who slammed American troops for failing to assist vulnerable people caught up in the shelling.

"Everyone rushed outside after hearing huge mortar bangs landing near our houses panicking everyone - children, elderly and women and our men," Ahmed Mohammed Hassan, 33, an eyewitness who chose not to flee despite the attacks told Rudaw. "The American forces brought in helicopters and removed their soldiers from here, leaving us behind."

"Where is humanity?" Hassan lamented. "They fled for their lives and left us here to die."
"Everything that has ever happened to us is there to make us stronger."
-John Trudell