SIS detainees, affiliates no longer our responsibility: SDF spox

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Fighting off a “genocidal attack” by Turkey, a spokesperson for the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said they can no longer be responsible for the ticking time bomb that is the thousands of Islamic State (ISIS) militants and their supporters held in Kurdish jails.

“We are currently subject to a genocidal attack. There is a project to make a demographic change and eradicate Kurds. Therefore, our first duty is the protection of our people, border and soil,” head of the SDF press office Mustafa Bali told Rudaw in Hasaka, northern Syria.

“All our forces are focusing on this now. Our prisons, which have about 12,000 ISIS gangs, and camps, which have more than 90,000 families of ISIS fighters and migrants, are like detonated bombs. We do not know when they will explode. However, this is no longer our responsibility,” he said.

The Turkish Army and its Syrian proxies launched Operation Peace Spring against the SDF on Wednesday after appearing to get a green light from US President Donald Trump who pulled American troops back from two outposts on the Turkey-Syria border.

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