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Moms Across America is starting a new "gold standard" food label."

It's a seal food manufacturer's can get qualified for after they've passed our approval process. It's like the Non-Gmo
Verified Project's label but, NGVP only verifies that it's not gmo.
NGVP verified foods could still be sprayed with "cides." (Cides: pesticides, hericides, fungicides....)

The USDA organic label is in danger of being ruined by companies that want certain foods, for example, plants grown
in water, without soil, to be considered organic - Hydroponics. Like the "revolving door," corporations are
getting their people pics on these boards, increasing the possibility of the organic rules being changed so that
they can get their poison/dna altered food under the label. Something folks should pay attention to.

In the meantime, folks have a lot of great options for finding organic food. Wegmans, Tops, Trader Joe's, Aldi's,
Costco, Whole Foods coming to the Rochester area as well, Henrietta, if I recall correctly. Autumn's Harvest Farm out
in Romulus. Felenz Family Farm in Phelps. I've recently heard of the "Green Market" in Ithaca.

Remember "the tipping point of consumer rejection." IRT says we're over the tipping point. Vote with your
shopping dollar. Food companies are watching what we are purchasing.

If folks want to follow what is going on, you can follow the Monsanto/bayer lawsuit coverage, more recent science
that has come out, etc. at the following pages.
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