He's losing his s---': Trump's advisers are increasingly worried about his mental state following days of erratic behavior

President Donald Trump's aides and confidants are increasingly worried about his mental state after days of erratic behavior and wild outbursts.

"No one knows what to expect from him anymore," one former White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal conversations about the president, told Insider. "His mood changes from one minute to the next based on some headline or tweet, and the next thing you know his entire schedule gets tossed out the window because he's losing his s---."

Trump has spent the past several days fixated on his false claim that Alabama was going to be hit by Hurricane Dorian. He has also taken time to lob attacks at his perceived enemies, like the actress Debra Messing, former FBI Director James Comey, and the "LameStream media."

"He's deteriorating in plain sight," one Republican strategist who is in frequent contact with the White House told Insider on Friday.

But one person who was close to Trump's legal team during the Russia investigation told Insider his public statements were "nothing compared to what he's like behind closed doors."

"He's like a bull seeing red," this person added. "There's just no getting through to him, and you can kiss your plans for the day goodbye because you're basically stuck looking after a 4-year-old now."
Trump often airs his grievances publicly, either on Twitter or while speaking with reporters, which means the world has an unprecedented window into the president's stream of consciousness.

For instance, on Labor Day weekend, as Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas and made its way to the US's mainland, Trump took breaks in between golfing to post more than 120 tweets.

In addition to updates on Hurricane Dorian and quote tweets of fawning praise of his presidency from Fox News, the subjects of Trump's tweets included:

Former FBI Director James Comey.

Four freshman Democratic congresswomen of color known as "the squad."

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

"Failing New York Times columnist Paul Krugman."

"Amazon Washington Post."

The "LameStream Media."

The liberal actress and activist Debra Messing.

Trump asked if he could pardon himself!