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Trump claims to be a master at unity, he has that correct, bigots and racist are gathering together while on the other side, those that are tired of the harm exacted in the streets of America. Amazingly, as long as crime stayed within the intercity where minorities killed one another, there were no issue but now that White shooters are doing the horrid acts , we need to do what? Republicans state that we need more guns....have you figured out the hypocrisy and lunacy yet?

In light of the recent events in Elpaso and Dayton involving mass shootings,White Supremacy and White Nationalists, we see a White guy here that would readily change the subject and narrative but as of today the country and even the world are focused on American's shooting, not an re election bid..nice try though.

Once again, we see that Cwjga push social talking points but negates to offer citation from take your pick, Washington Post News, New York Times....
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact