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Originally Posted By: Ben444
Sarah Reese Jones 4h

Trump admits that he does not vet his nominees, and picks his nominees by watching TV.
The life of this president revolves around watching TV, playing golf, and tweeting. Nice work if you can get it.


I wonder where is our leader this morning as a report of a 4th shooting having taken place in less than one week. 34 dead,60 plus injured from gun violence far removed from the crime infested area he has described. worse yet, crime enacted upon these areas by shooter that look like him.. Can't wait for the naysayers and Trump defender that claim that his words have no profound effect of how society respond to vile words. In his campaign promises, he was going to eradicate the violence that become the norm in the US, oddly as of today, we are not dealing with foreign terrorists but domestic as he vilify the 'OUTSIDERS"
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact