I have now got a second Sansa View MP3 player. I connect and it comes right up on the computer and I have created a short cut on the desktop. I can go in and see all the music. So I unplugged it, and plugged in the first player that I reformatted, and it doesn't show up what so ever. Sandisk said I will have to reload the drivers to the player. They sent me a link and I downloaded the zip files to my computer, and unzipped them. But how do I get them to the player when the computer wont recognize? Now the player will also take a micro sd card, could I download to a sd card and upload it back on the player that way? I talked with a place in Victor called ubreakifix.com, and they said they thought that was possible. They said I could bring it in and they could try it for me. Again, I am not the most handy with a computer.