Censure rather than impeach? Hell no, Democrats — that’s inexcusable cowardice

I too was an impeachment skeptic — until the Mueller report came out. Reading it, though, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of criminally minded behavior from Trump and the inescapable sense that our president behaves exactly like a crime boss. And while Trump diehards will never, ever admit this, the evidence against him is so extensive that I have to imagine it will sway the opinions of most Americans who are already disinclined to defend him.

The problem, of course is that the Mueller report is more than 400 pages long and was written by lawyers. Almost no one read it, and almost no one will. Democrats have an obligation to get that information in front of the public in a way that they can absorb it. Wide-ranging investigations of Trump’s corruption are a good thing and should definitely continue, but Trump’s stonewalling has exceeded even the most cynical predictions. Impeachment may be the only way left to get this crucial information in front of the voters who need it.

Dire times call for acts of courage, even from the notoriously skittish Democrats. The time for half-measures is over. It’s time to impeach or go home.
Trump asked if he could pardon himself!