Tea Pain @TeaPainUSA 6 minutes ago

Let. This. Sink. In.

If Trump was not president, he'd already be indicted in 2 different venues for multiple felonies. Trump must be removed by Constitutional impeachment.

pjlacasse‏ @pjlacasse22 1 minute ago

This is as easy as ordering take out Make your voice heard, impeachment hearings
*@SpeakerPelosi 202 225-4965
*@RepJerryNadler 202 225-5635
*@RepAdamSchiff 202 225-4176
*@RepCummings 202 225-4741
*@RepMaxineWaters 202 225-2201

This might be our ONLY chance people!
Trump == 30,573 lies in 4 years, Only president impeached twice!