House investigations of Trump and his administration: The full list

The president says it's "harassment." Democrats say they're playing catch-up after two years with virtually no oversight from Republicans.

WASHINGTON — He's making investigations great again — at least in number.

At least 14 Democratic-led House committees have been investigating various aspects of President Donald Trump's businesses, campaign and his presidency since the beginning of this year, an NBC News review shows. In all, those committees have launched at least 50 probes into Trump world.

The investigations include whether Trump obstructed justice in the Russia probes, whether his businesses inflated their assets, how his daughter and son-in-law obtained their security clearances, whether he used his power to interfere with mergers, how his actions might have slowed aid to Puerto Rico, and conflict of interest allegations involving cabinet members.

The NBC review shows the busiest committees appear to be the Judiciary and Oversight panels. Some of the inquiries might have gone dormant, and some are cross-committee — meaning they're being investigated jointly by more than one committee — so they are listed under those committees, but are only counted once in the NBC investigation total.

Here's a look at the probes that have been made public, organized by committee:
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