President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin both want to weaken the European Union, a top European official said on Wednesday in the lead-up to European parliamentary elections this weekend.

“Countries like Russia, China but also the United States have challenged us harder than before,” Jyrki Katainen, the former prime minister of Finland and the vice president of the European Commission, told CNBC in an interview.

“We are [for the] first time in the history in a situation where the president of the United States and [the] president of Russia seem to share the same view on Europe: the weaker, the better, because they think that it’s better for their own country, which is obviously not right,” Katainen added.

Trump has long been a critic of multilateralism and pushed a brand of nationalism that would see each country looking after its own national interest. Unlike presidents before him who respected the transatlantic alliance, Trump slammed the EU last year, claiming that “nobody treats us much worse than the European Union.” He also described the EU as a “foe” on trade and said that the union was formed to take advantage of the United States.
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