Dem official bashes Facebook for refusing to remove Pelosi video: Itís like gun companies saying guns donít kill people

On MSNBC Saturday, former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook blasted President Donald Trump and the GOP for circulating the fake video of Nancy Pelosi edited to make her look like a stammering drunk ó but also had harsh words for Facebook for allowing the video to stay up.

ďThis is the normal trope, right? Itís the crazy old lazy, is there something wrong with her health?Ē said Mook. ďYou recall Hillary wore those glasses to testimony that the Republicans dragged her in for, and they claimed that it meant she had some sort of brain problem, which was utterly absurd. I do really worry about this, and it is a problem that women face more than men, and in a worse way than men.Ē

ďBut there is one other piece of this that really bothered me, and that is that Facebook refused to pull these posts down,Ē he continued. ďI mean, these guys are acting like the cigarette companies. Or the gun manufacturers, you know, Ďguns donít kill people, people kill people.í If there is fake material, fake videos on the internet, they have that obligation to pull this down. And if itís thatís not illegal, itís not illegal to leave it up, then we need to pass a law so it is. I mean, itís outrageous.Ē
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