Carl Bernstein busts Bill Barr for acting like Trump’s attack dog lawyer: ‘Trump said he wanted his Roy Cohn — he’s got him now’

Recalling that report on Sunday, Bernstein explained Trump now has a Roy Cohn in his current attorney general.

“We find ourselves in this situation, right now, because there is an on going coverup by the president of the United States,” Bernstein explained. “Whether that constitutes a violation of law, whether he is a criminal or not, that’s for down the road but right now it’s obvious to anyone that watches, anyone who looks at the facts, reads the Mueller report — the obstruction part particularly — we are in the midst of a continued coverup by the president, aided abetted by the Attorney general of the United States.”

“Trump said he wanted his Roy Cohn, he’s got him now in the attorney general,” Bernstein added.

Bernstein described the crisis as “systemic,” not constitutional, arguing Trump’s conduct is “challenging whether our institutions are able to function in this country to deal with the president of the United States who is unique in our history, who has nothing but contempt for democratic tradition and the rule of law.”

“So really where the rubber is going to meet the road is going to be the Supreme Court of the United States and Chief Justice Roberts has got his table being set for him in a way that may have an awful lot to do with the future of American democracy,” Bernstein added.