The real reason Nancy Pelosi is waiting

To impeach or not impeach? What is taking Speaker Nancy Pelosi so long? Turns out, a lot. A final impeachment vote by the House would halt the House investigative process, including hearings and subpoenas involving Don Jr., Bill Barr and others. Perhaps this is why Trump seems to be goading Nancy Pelosi into impeachment. Reminder, Bill Clinton was impeached, and then went right on being President.

Congressí authority is never higher than during an ongoing legal matter. This would include the process of impeachment. The courts will give the process of impeachment priority and expedite the hearings. It is also a prime opportunity to gain access to sensitive documents and testimony, which Trump is obstructing.

But timing is everything. What we really need is a Select Committee on Impeachment to fully investigate the president and his minions. This way, no vote goes to the Senate for them to bury until there is sunshine in every dank corner of this administration. There would also be no real executive privilege argument to be made by Trump during the investigative process of impeachment.

Trump is doing damage to the U.S. every single day. Itís horrific. But the beauty of this idiot Ė as Putin has discovered Ė is that heís easily scammed; he also has no curiosity. Nancy Pelosi knows The Donald is easily distracted, has no attention span, and is easily swayed by any kind of flattery. Letís get in all the investigation we can before he realizes heís in trouble. Let him fixate on his taxes and his son taking the fifth. Meanwhile let those subpoenas go out and come in with treasonous information that even the most hardened Deplorable wonít be able to deny.

As difficult as it is to wait, letís keep our eyes on the prize. Donald Trump is a decades-long criminal and belongs in prison. So do the rest of the traitors around him. We donít want another empty and ignored gesture. Trumpís gotten away with way too much. Let the process play out on Nancy Pelosiís timetable. Then let 2020 finish him off. He will die in prison, as he should. We donít want these pieces of crap people flying off to Moscow for a million dollar romp with their favorite oligarch, Putin, after theyíre out of office. We want Trump to be Paul Manafortís bunkmate forever.

Trump asked if he could pardon himself!