Everything hits the fan

Bill Palmer | 9:09 am EDT April 30, 2019

Whatever this is all shaping up to be, itís happening. Weíve got resignations, subpoenas, high stakes showdowns, last ditch legal efforts, and a series of cascading chess matches all nearing checkmate at nearly the same time.

This week might go down in the history books Ė not as a positive one, but perhaps a pivotal one that finally sent this cautionary tale of a presidency on a path toward its downfall.

The President of the United States just filed personal lawsuits against two of his own banks, in an effort at preventing them from turning over his financial records as evidence in a potential impeachment effort, and that may not even be the biggest story of the day. Even as Donald Trump goes to desperate lengths to prevent Deutsche Bank and Capital One from giving him up, Trumpís Attorney General is left trying to decide just how much further down the rabbit hole heís willing to go for Trump, and whether heís willing to risk criminal consequences for himself.

Maybe William Barr will show up and testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, where heíll face a hired prosecutor looking to expose his obstruction of justice antics, or maybe heíll skip out and do whatever it is that a cretin like William Barr does when heís trying to relax. If Barr does bail, heíll either be subpoenaed, or House Democrats will jump straight to holding him in contempt of Congress. Either way, Barrís testimony (or non-testimony) will open the door for the Democrats to bring in the witnesses that they Ė and Americans Ė want to hear from.

Even as this plays out, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein just resigned, while handing in a resignation letter that reads more like a love letter to Donald Trump. Thatíll come back to bite him. After William Barr makes his decision about whether to play contempt roulette, Rosenstein will be hauled in as well. But thatís a matter for next week. For now, thereís enough hitting the fan at once as it is.

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