Robert Mueller wasn’t Superman: Straight-arrow prosecutor no match for Trump crime family

30 APR 2019 AT 08:41 ET

At the very least, with the Justice Department’s rule about indicting a sitting president in mind, Mueller should have explicitly recommended to Congress and the attorney general obstruction charges or articles of impeachment against the president, in writing and without any semantic gray area.

Instead, Mueller coldly described a dozen or so instances of obstruction with a four-word “does not exonerate him” tap on the wrist at the outset, allowing William Barr more than enough room to preemptively exonerate Trump and his crime family weeks ahead of the actual report being made public — an obvious and grotesque PR maneuver that further weakened Mueller’s conclusions.

All that said, we still have more to learn from Mueller, and we’ll certainly get that opportunity when he testifies before Congress, hopefully sooner rather than later. We deserve to know why he made certain decisions that will inevitably alter the trajectory of American history. Meanwhile, we’re left with a divided Democratic Party, half demanding impeachment while the other half is making the same mistake Mueller made — believing the next election will be normal enough to depose Trump via the ballot box, despite the reality that American elections continue to be corrupted by Russia, and possibly others, to help Trump retain power.

Trump has to be held accountable for all of it. He has to be humiliated so badly that Americans fear to be associated with his name. Perhaps through congressional hearings Mueller will shed enough additional light on Trump’s crimes so as to supercharge a sense of urgency in Congress and among Democrats at large. But I’m not getting my hopes up again, and neither should you.

Trump == 30,573 lies in 4 years, Only president impeached twice!