How bad does Trump have to get before heís forced from office?

28 APR 2019 AT 13:25 ET

Itís bad enough that he lost the election by 3,000,000 popular votes.
Itís bad enough that the Russians helped him get elected by manipulating social media in critical electoral college states.
Itís bad enough that he helped the Russians do that by providing them confidential polling data to guide their Facebook ad targeting.
Itís bad enough that those ads were seen by more than 100,000,000 people when the total electoral college difference over three states was 70,000 votes.
Itís bad enough that those involved with his campaign who were also engaged with the Russians lied repeatedly, both publicly and under oath, about that engagement.
Itís bad enough that many tens of millions of dollars mysteriously disappeared from his inauguration committee, and he feels no compunction to explain where it went.
Itís bad enough that he brags about groping women and grabbing them by the pussy. Is there an honest woman in the country who admires that? Wants that?
Itís bad enough that heís been credibly accused of sexual assault by more than 20 women.
Itís bad enough that he is an unindicted co-conspirator in the felony to commit election finance fraud by paying hush money to a Playboy bunny and a porn star.
Itís bad enough that he filed for bankruptcy six times, stiffing workers, contractors, and lenders for tens of millions of dollars.
Itís bad enough that his resorts and other properties for years hired undocumented aliens, even as he railed against a ďtidal waveĒ of illegal immigrants.
Itís bad enough that he inherited $413,000,000 from his father, much of it through illegal tax dodges, but pretends to be a self-made man.
Itís bad enough that his ďcharitableĒ foundation was ordered shut down after having been revealed to be a sham, used to help promote his business and political interests.
Itís bad enough he claims he was a good student, but threatens to sue any schools that release his grades.
Itís bad enough he claims to be a brilliant businessman but refuses to release his taxes which would prove it. Or, disprove it.
Itís bad enough that he says the Mueller report ďtotally exoneratesĒ him, yet refuses to allow it to be released, or, for critical witnesses to be able to testify about it.
Itís bad enough that he grossly understated the value of his assets to dodge taxes, while grossly overstating their value to secure bank loans.
Itís bad enough that the Mueller report detailed 10 instances of obstruction of justice that would be criminal, were he not the president and, so, immune from indictment.
Itís bad enough that heís a pathological liar, telling almost 10,000 lies since assuming office, literally not being able to deal with reality.
Itís bad enough, his boot-licking of Putin at Helsinki, where he said he believed Putin about Russian interference in the 2016 election, but not his own intelligence chiefs.
Itís bad enough that he has separated thousands of immigrant children from their parents, put them in cages, and then lost track of them.
Itís bad enough that he praised neo-Nazi marchers in Charlottesville two years ago, then re-defended them just a few days ago.
Itís bad enough that, though sworn to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed, he told immigration officials to break the law, promising to pardon them if they were convicted.
Itís bad enough that he told senior White House aides to lie to the Mueller commission about his efforts to obstruct the same commissionís investigation.
Itís bad enough that he smeared a Gold Star Family whose son was killed in Iraq.
Itís bad enough that he repeatedly smeared bona-fide Vietnam war hero, John McCain, while he, himself, wrangled five draft deferments to dodge service in the same war.
Itís bad enough he promised to help the working man, but immediately passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut that went almost exclusively to corporations and the wealthy.
Itís bad enough he continues to claim heís building The Wall when not a single inch of new wall has been built since he took office.
Itís bad enough he promised to protect Social Security but just two weeks ago submitted a budget that cuts benefits to millions, including seniors in poverty.
Itís bad enough that he refuses to cooperate with Congressional hearings, trashing the Constitution and the checks and balances at the very heart of our form of government.

We could go on. And on. And on. And on. But as bad as all of this is, the real question is, ďWhen does it get so bad that we will no longer tolerate this scum running the country, dividing us against each other, desecrating our values, degrading our civic spaces, and destroying our institutions?Ē When does it get bad enough that WE will actually do something to stop being so mocked, so humiliated, and so defiled? When will we have Republican Congressmen who will get up off their knees before him and represent us, the people who actually elected them, and defend our country against the greatest domestic threat it has faced in over a century?
Trump asked if he could pardon himself!