President Donald Trump has declared that he’ll fight any subpoenas that come out of investigations into wrongdoing by the Trump campaign, inaugural committee and administration.

Even conservatieve are worried about the precedent that might set.

Writing in the Washington Examiner, Colin Wilhelm and Melissa Quinn say that Trump’s actions would have disastrous consequences.

“President Trump’s vow to fight “all the subpoenas” from House Democrats threatens a constitutional balance struck between the executive branch and Congress for the last 90 years,” they write.

“Legal experts from different political standpoints say that, by resisting congressional inquiries on flimsy grounds, Trump could prompt House Democrats to pursue impeachment in the near term and weaken the legal standing of the executive branch to resist future probes.”

They interview Morton Rosenberg, a former Congressional Research Service expert on congressional oversight matters and a fellow with the Federalist Society, a law group.

“This is constitutional crisis time. It truly is,” he told the Washington Examiner.

Other legal experts denounced Trump’s strategy. It’s “not really our system of government” and that “it’s a ludicrous argument on many scores,” said Daniel Shaviro, a New York University law professor and former legislation attorney for the nonpartisan congressional Joint Committee on Taxation.

Josh Chafetz, a Cornell University law professor, pointed out that the President’s tactic could also backfire politically.

“If you just say ‘no’ to everything, I think that’s just going to push people more and more towards really aggressive responses, and that’s going to include impeachment,” said Chafetz. “A lot more people are going to pay attention if you call hearings impeachment hearings rather than oversight hearings.”
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