Seneff: “This is a fun read - GG's update on the third trial: glyphosate & non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.”

‘SCUSE ‘SCUSE ME by Glyphosate Girl

Never a dull moment in GG’s health history! I feel like the ultimate human health guinea pig of the grand Monsanto food experiment. Which is why I have complete elation watching the ridiculous scene that took place in the courtroom today.

After many rounds of objections, the jury starts laughing out loud at the ridiculousness. There are so many sidebars. The jury’s eyes roll and they exchange glances of amusement. It frankly seems like the jury is being Punk’d by Monsanto. With each objection, I’m mentally adding another million dollars to the damages they will ultimately be awarding the Pilliods.

Benbrook tells an engaging story of what went down in the 1970s IBT laboratory scandal in which the lab produced fraudulent reports with faulty conclusion in pesticide tests – the same fraudulent data upon which Roundup was ultimately approved. Here is excellent coverage of the IBT scandal from the Johnson trial.

IBT was busted in 1976. The EPA eventually checked IBT’s raw data to review glyphosate safety because that data served as the basis upon which glyphosate got EPA approval in 1974. Upon review, the EPA found that the data did not support the conclusion that glyphosate is non-carcinogenic, and the study was declared invalid.

From 1976-1983, Roundup was still on the market, even though there was no valid carcinogenicity study to support its approval.

In 1983, a follow-up glyphosate carcinogenicity study showed cancer in the male mice (the “Magic Tumor” study), and the EPA labeled glyphosate as Class C – Possibly carcinogenic to humans. We know what happened next – Monsanto hired a scientist to “magically” find a tumor in the control group of mice to negate the study. As we know by now, Monsanto never repeated a mouse study ever again, and totally gets away with it.

Most disturbingly, in the EPA’s 2017 Glyphosate Issue Paper: Evaluation of Carcinogenic Potential (Page 85), they STILL CITE THE FRAUDULENT, INVALID 1973 IBT STUDY AS RESEARCH SUPPORT OF NON-CARCINOGENICITY OF GLYPHOSATE!!! Wisner only recently discovered this outrageous fact.

Benbrook’s recently published paper provides a slam-dunk, can’t-be-debated argument as to why IARC is far more trustworthy in its evaluation of glyphosate than the EPA. How did the US EPA and IARC reach diametrically opposed conclusions on the genotoxicity of glyphosate-based herbicides?

I have read it several times with glee. Today, however, the jury will not be walked through the paper with detail due to showers of objections that leave the jury smiling at Monsanto’s ridiculousness.

Wisner asks Benbrook to discuss POEA, the toxic surfactant in the US Roundup formulated product that helps to punch holes in my intestine. The same surfactant that prevents Donna Farmer from testing rodents with the formulation because they die via intestinal damage before they can see evidence of carcinogenicity. Yes, that POEA.

Wisner: How do we know they are safe?


Benbrook discusses that in Europe, POEA is not allowed, so the European Roundup formulation is different. Wisner asks if there is anything stopping Monsanto from making the US version of Roundup a less toxic formulation. Benbrook answers no.

And we move to the cross.

The End Game - Jeffrey Smith, IRT

Please invest a few minutes into this deeply moving and profound vision of what our generation faces and our options. Jeffrey nails down the epic choices ahead and envisions our future in a way we have not heard before.

Autumn’s Harvest Farm, Romulus - organic grass fed farm

It's now legal for your meat to have trace amounts of fecal matter By Ryan Prior, CNN

The PCRM tested chicken products, and found 48% tested positive fecal contamination. And the petition cited a Consumer Reports study that corroborated their evidence, finding "more than half of the packages of raw ground meat and patties tested positive for fecal bacteria."

Trump team makes controversial change to allow chicken plants to operate at faster speeds

What about vaccines?
Glyphosate is in vaccines!

Seneff: “It would be a significant milestone if NY City bans glyphosate usage in public places.”

Letter to Bill DeBlasio from NY City Council - NY Parks and Playgrounds being sprayed with Glyphosate

NYC leaders join calls for ban on Monsanto herbicide

"Parks should be for playing not pesticides"

The New York City measure would prohibit the application of synthetic pesticides within 75 feet of a natural body of water. And it would encourage city agencies to move to the use of biological pesticides, which are derived from naturally occurring substances rather than synthetic substances.

GMO Free NY: “...The chart below shows the percentage of pesticide usage by state for glyphosate versus all pesticides (and why isn't Hawai'i, ground zero for GMO experimentation, included?):...”

The States In America That Use The Most (And Least) Glyphosate

Flanders stream so polluted 'water could be used as pesticide'

Just outrageous!

RFK, Jr.: “He’s set to receive a one-time payment of $3 million on his first day, that’s on top of his $2.5 million base pay. That figure doesn’t include stock options!”
Arty turns 11 this summer.