"The Dems are not for open borders. Trump has closed some of the usual entry points and made long wait times to enter legally. Without Mexicans to pick our fruit and vegetables we would soon run out of fresh produced because it is next to impossible to find American citizens to do that work. Ask anyone who employs them."--- true none of them say that but thats kind of what catch and release was. Remember? An illegal immigrant would be caught and asked to report at a later date only to never show up as required. Surprise, surprise. I don't believe anyone is brain dead enough to think their aren't honest good men and women that want to come here and work and we need them too. We also need some accountability from Mexico on who comes here to work and live. If you get a DWI you can't legally get into Canada. Why would it/ should it be any different on our southern border? Truthfully if either party were truly concerned about the inhumanity this whole situation creates it would have been resolved long ago. My thought is come in legally or face consequences when caught. There needs to be a clear path to citizenship and not necessarily an easy one.

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