Truth is we should all be Democrats. The party used to be the average Americans party that looked out for the American middle and lower class. That's all changed. The party of JFK has been hijacked. It went from the party that represented the little guy to the party that represents every guy irregardless of citizenship. In a perfect world open borders would be an awesome way of life. Unfortunately that's not the case and lawlessness, corruption, bribery, murder and cartels are a staple there. The cartels have infiltrated every aspect of government, military and society. Yes I know we have crime here but do we really need to import more? When I look to the left I see Biden giving a speech disparaging "white European culture" while citing the rule of thumb and saying this has to change. Ol Joe is going anti white to pander to the far left and gain their support. How many eons ago was the "rule of thumb" implemented? Funny how he can point a finger at white European culture and not mention any of the atrocities committed in the name of Islam. Islam it seems are the chosen people of the far left. If you say you don't like Islam you will quickly be called a racist. Heads up--many followers of Islam are white--and Islam is a religion not a race. I look to the left and see lunacy and a push towards socialism. The GOP is all about tax breaks for billionaires and back door deals that benefit others in the top 1%. I voted for Obama(1st term)and also for Trump in 2016. Not my choice of a president but when I look to the left I see something to vote against.