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Master Timothy, I've been nothing but courteous to you! Please refrain from the vulgarity.
You pretend to be courteous while you post disgusting photo-shopped pictures of important American leaders.

I've called you out for foul language multiply times!

Remember when I caught you using your Shill Power, and the keys to the kingdom to cleanup your filthy posts!

Spare us your false outrage. You'll find no foul language on my posts. Certainly none as foul as any of a hundred disgusting posts from you.

"Shill Power???" The only thing you've seemingly ever caught, is a bad case of encephallitis. As for any alleged "keys to the (so-called) kingdom"... I eagerly invite you to run that precious li'll chestnut by the mods (or any other FL1 keepers of the realm, for that matter). The resultant dressing-down and farcical laughs in your sanctimonious face will be MOST entertaining.

Courteous? Hardly.

$*@&^+#=! crazy

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.