If the news that Mueller finished his report with no conspiracy indictments left you confused, don’t feel bad. Tea was left scratchin’ his chin whiskers most of the early evenin’, too. That is until he took a few breaths and applied a little horse-sense to the puzzle. Then things started started fallin’ into place.

Before we get into the details, let’s first examine Bob Mueller’s very nature, because that is the key to makin’ sense of this 11th hour chess move.

First ask yourself four words you’d use to describe Mr. Mueller. Tea thinks a fair consensus would be “smart,” “proper,” “expedient” and “frugal.” Mueller hates spendin’ money. He’s known to regularly bring his lunch in a brown paper bag. He’s proper; he always follows the book and, most importantly, he’s smart. Here lie the clues we need to get a glimpse into his likely end-game strategy.

Now let’s examine why his office brought no conspiracy charges.

Workin’ backwards, bringin’ conspiracy charges wouldn’t be “frugal.” If Mueller took on the task of prosecutin’ Don Jr, Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort for the now-famous Trump Tower meetin’, it would require extendin’ his charter for at least two more years, for such a case would be fought all the way to the Supreme Court and back. This would greatly extend the cost of his mission and add fuel to fire for his critics.

The Special Counsel is designed more as an investigative collaboration, rather than a prosecutorial one. So the idea of recreatin’ an entire team to do the work done everyday by any of our federal districts wouldn’t be “expedient.”

“Proper” plays a vital role. Since Mueller plays by the book, his primary directive would be for a case to be tried where the venue is “proper.” Ask yourself the simple question, “Where did the bulk of the alleged Trump-Russia conspiracy take place?” and you have your answer: “New York City.” It would be silly for Mueller to prosecute Trump, Kush and the rest of Team Treason in D.C. when the crime took place in New York, right?

Simply put, this is “smart!” If Mueller prosecuted Diaper Donnie, Trump could pull the plug on Mueller’s charter and we’d litigate it in the courts until doomsday just to get the case back on track. But placin’ the venue in the purview of the Sovereign District of New York is a stroke of genius, safely away from Trump’s pryin’ baby hands. It’s frugal because SDNY is budgeted for just such actions. It’s expedient because SDNY is fully staffed and ready to roll. The venue is proper and, dang it, it’s just plain smart.

So… don’t be surprised if Monday mornin’ or one day real soon the SDNY drops the hammer on Little Donnie, Kush, Manafort, et, al. This would be the perfect setup for Individual-1 to be revealed in Mueller’s report as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Trump-Russia conspiracy.

Oh! One more thing. News broke tonight that the SDNY replaced the lead attorney on the Michael Cohen case with Audrey Strauss, famous for her defeat of Roy Cohn, lawyer for the Gambino crime family and Trump family attorney till his death. What’s the chances the SDNY decided to bring in the one attorney that beat Trump’s lucky charm, Roy Cohn? Tea Pain’s Grandpa Virgil always said, “Don’t believe in coincidences, Tea Pain, cause they take a heap of plannin’!”
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