What were you thinking when Michael Cohen told Congress that Donald Trump will not peacefully leave the presidency?

He is right. Donald Trump will not leave easily, if at all. If Trump does have to leave the White House he will do very destructive things afterwards. Donald Trump is not trustworthy, and should be forced to wear an ankle monitor like a person who is on parole. Luckily, Trump cannot remember all the secrets he now knows because his memory is impaired. But Donald Trump is a danger to our country. Cohen understands that Trump is resilient and Trump will never give up. Donald Trump will never give up because he is incapable of doing so. It is part of who he is.

What Michael Cohen said about Donald Trump not voluntarily leaving the presidency is bone-chilling. It is also not surprising to me.

The other thing that’s dangerous about Donald Trump is that he is very comfortable whipping up hate and division. There are many people in the country who worship Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter what Trump’s people are told about him. He has touched into a very primitive, fundamental part of people’s character — which is that people who have felt dismissed, disenfranchised, ignored by the government, promised things they have not received, people who’ve been deeply wounded and hurt and feel forgotten are attracted to him. Trump has a loyal following that he can take advantage of to cause trouble.

Donald Trump is a compulsive liar. Michael Cohen is a liar as well — but he was lying in service to Donald Trump. What is the relationship and power dynamic like between liars?

First of all, a liar who’s in charge will never fully trust anybody else, even if he’s another liar. He will never trust people for two reasons. One is because he projects his own untrustworthiness onto other people. In other words, he at some level knows he’s a liar. So he projects part of the lying part of himself onto other people and is always suspicious of them.

That’s why Trump makes everybody sign nondisclosure agreements. Trump does not want anybody to tell the truth about him. Trump surrounds himself with liars because he knows they will lie to protect him. Trump also knows that he has power over them. This power is driven by their fear of Trump. The only people Donald Trump really trusts are his daughter and his older son, Don Jr. The rest of the people are afraid to say anything against Trump. This includes his wives.

We also must understand that liars make a concerted attack on the truth. They make a concerted attack on reality. Liars are able to see reality differently because they lie to themselves.


Michael Cohen looked scared during his hearing before the House Oversight Committee. His confidence is a mask. If Cohen reached out to you for advice what would you tell him?

I would tell Michael Cohen that he has every reason to be scared. Cohen should make it a condition of his providing testimony and other evidence that he receives protection while in prison. Michael Cohen is not safe. He has been called a “rat” too many times. Likewise, the United States is not safe under Donald Trump.
Trump == 30,573 lies in 4 years, Only president impeached twice!