Judge in Roundup cancer trial rules on Monsanto’s motion to end the trial…

For similar reasons, the plaintiffs presented sufficient evidence at summary judgment to
support a punitive damages award against Monsanto. Although the evidence that Roundup causes
cancer is quite equivocal, there is strong evidence from which a jury could conclude that
Monsanto does not particularly care whether its product is in fact giving people cancer, focusing
instead on manipulating public opinion and undermining anyone who raises genuine and
legitimate concerns about the issue.

Date: March 7, 2019
Honorable Vince Chhabria
United States District Court


European Court of Justice Orders EU Regulators to Publicly Release Secret Industry Glyphosate Studies

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ordered the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to release all of the secret carcinogenicity and toxicity pesticide industry studies on glyphosate to the general public, in a huge legal victory for public health protection.

The concept of information which ‘relates to emissions into the environment’ must therefore be interpreted as covering not only information on emissions as such, namely information concerning the nature, composition, quantity, date and place of those emissions, but also data concerning the medium to long-term consequences of those emissions on the environment. The General Court concludes that the requested studies must be regarded as constituting information which ‘relates to emissions into the environment’ and that an overriding public interest in disclosing the studies is deemed to exist. EFSA could not therefore refuse to disclose them on the ground that that would have an adverse effect on the protection of the commercial interests of the owners of the requested studies.


Florida Cancer Patient Files Billion Dollar Glyphosate Lawsuit against Bayer

The lawsuit filed on Thursday said RoundUp weedkiller is responsible for LaFond’s cancer.

Attorneys said LaFond sprayed RoundUp every day for the two years she worked for a Lake Worth landscaping company, For Ever Green.

“She was actually essentially bathing in it,” said attorney Larry Strauss. “It was touching her skin. It’s aerosol, blowing on her face.”

For Ever Green is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.


Is This the End of Recycling?

Arty turns 11 this summer.