...Yes, roundup contains 30 to 40 % glyphosate, but what no one says is that the rest is composed
of oil residues and arsenic!!! Arsenic poison was a banned pesticide in 1974. This is
not stated in the roundup. We find out and publish it in 2018.

Without the need for a political decision, this could change the firms holding the product patent.
Glyphosate was tested alone by Monsanto to establish regulatory standards that are therefore false.
Roundup is 1000 times more toxic.” Gilles-Eric Séralini


Miami Bans Controversial Herbicides That Are Killing Biscayne Bay

Now, the ingredient has been banned in Miami. On Thursday, city commissioners approved a resolution prohibiting the city and its contractors from using herbicides containing glyphosate, including Roundup. The ban went into effect immediately.


Zen: “Yes, I agree. And I am glad USPirg has confirmed our previous results but I am furious that there has been no change in 2 years. They are finding more glyphosate, not less!!! Why aren't farmers and beverage manufacturers listening to us???”

Glyphosate found in 19 of 20 beers and wines tested

"Due to glyphosate's many health risks and its ubiquitous nature in our food, water and alcohol, the use of glyphosate in the U.S. should be banned unless and until it can be proven safe."


New Studies Confirm Dangers of Glyphosate

Rachel Shaffer, a co-author of the study at the University of Washington, stated of the results, “This research provides the most up-to-date analysis of glyphosate and its link with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, incorporating a 2018 study of more than 54,000 people who work as licensed pesticide applicators.”

The University of Washington study supports the 2015 conclusion of the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer, which classified glyphosate as a ‘probable human carcinogen.’ The GMO and related agrichemical industry has done everything imaginable to counter the impact of the independent IARC report.

Significantly they did not ask why GMO+Roundup fed rats were significantly fatter than non-GMO+Roundup fed rats. That could shed light on the causes of the epidemic obesity in USA and EU populations over the past 20 years as glyphosate use has soared. The EU scientists conveniently ignored both increased deaths in the males fed NK603 maize + Roundup, or the increase in body weight in the same animals. GMWatch asks the relevant question: “This misrepresentation of the study findings raises the question of why scientists funded with EU taxpayers’ money would apparently downplay such results, misleading the public and the scientific community.”


Exposure to Glyphosate-Based Herbicides and Risk for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Meta-Analysis and Supporting Evidence

Abstract: ...Overall, in accordance with evidence from experimental animal and mechanistic studies, our current meta-analysis of human epidemiological studies suggests a compelling link between exposures to GBHs and increased risk for NHL.


How Bt brinjal hurt the farmers of Bangladesh

The report notes that the farmers were not told anything about Bt brinjal being GM, but some precautionary measures were asked to be taken.


Fox Business News…

Bayer now faces 11,200 lawsuits over Roundup cancer risk

As of Wednesday, the company was facing lawsuits Opens a New Window. from more than 11,200 people over its controversial weed killer Roundup that has been linked to causing cancer in some individuals.


Is Fear Driving Sales Of Monsanto's Dicamba-Proof Soybeans?

Lots of people have tried to stop this. Pesticide companies have reformulated the product. Government regulators have imposed restrictions on how and where farmers can spray it. All those rules are on the product's label. And still, dicamba fumes from fields of Xtend soybeans have curled up the leaves of sycamore trees and millions of acres of traditional soybeans across much of the Midwest and South.

Brazel wasn't willing to take the risk of that happening to his crops. He cancelled his entire order and bought the new dicamba-tolerant soybeans instead.

"Then I have to get on the phone and call every other neighbor and say,'Listen, I did not want to do this. But I am going to be forced to go dicamba.' Well, then that forces all those neighbors to call all their neighbors. And eventually what you have is a monopoly," he says.


RFK, Jr. on the Environment

At 15:00


New York moves to regulate a ‘likely human carcinogen’ in drinking water

New York state is proposing the country’s first firm limit on a chemical found in drinking water in heavy concentrations in some Long Island, New York communities. 1,4-dioxane has been labeled a “likely human carcinogen” by the EPA, but is not currently regulated in drinking water at the federal level. Hari Sreenivasan reports in this follow-up to our 2017 story.


Baltimore files lawsuit demanding Monsanto pay to clean up PCB chemicals in city waterways

The lawsuit says the contamination has caused monetary damages to be determined at trial.

Polychlorinated biphenyls, a type of man-made chemicals used widely in paints, inks, lubricants and electrical equipment until they were banned in 1979, have been linked to cancers and harm to immune, reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems in humans and animals.

The city argues that Monsanto long knew of those harms and that the chemicals would never break down in the environment, animals or humans, yet continued to use them.

“This lawsuit sends a strong message that the City will hold corporations accountable for cleaning up their toxic messes,” Davis said in a statement. “The taxpayers are not responsible for Monsanto’s bad acts.”


Fixing our Food System—and Reviving Rural America—Means Breaking Up Big Ag

It is time to turn the page on this failed theory and put the “anti” back into antitrust.

The decline of rural communities and the consolidation of the American food system was the result of deliberate policy choices. If we acknowledge the consequences of these choices, we can understand why the grim future projected by the official at the Iowa Farm Bureau is possible—but that our fate is not yet sealed. Rural America can thrive once again, but only if we’re willing to challenge who holds power in the current system.


100 Percent of Oat Products Tested Positive for Weedkiller Glyphosate

Oats, although not GE, are a common source of glyphosate residues because the chemical is used as a desiccant on many non-GMO crops. In northern, colder regions farmers of wheat, oats and barley must wait for their crops to dry out prior to harvest.

Rather than wait an additional two weeks or so for this to happen naturally, farmers realized they could spray the plants with glyphosate, killing the crops and accelerating their drying (a process known as desiccating).

In some cases, non-GMO foods may be even more contaminated with glyphosate than GMO crops, because they’re being sprayed just weeks prior to being made into your cereal, bread, cookies and the like.

Researchers from University of California San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine noted in JAMA that Roundup is “applied as a desiccant to most small nongenetically modified grains.” So for both GE crops and non-GE grains, glyphosate “is found in these crops at harvest.”5 As an aside, beans are also desiccated using glyphosate, which is likely why FOE’s testing found such residues in all the pinto bean samples tested.



Consumers trust the organic label and pay extra for the assurance that it indicates a more healthful and environmentally-friendly way of producing the food they buy. Since the federal Certified Organic label was introduced more than twenty years ago, the organic food market has grown exponentially and is now a $60 billion industry in which multinational corporations have bought organic brands and compete with small food producers growing food using environmentally-friendly methods.

"Allowing hydroponic systems to be certified as organic undercuts the livelihood of organic farmers that take great lengths to support healthy soil as the bedrock of their farms," stated Kate Mendenhall of the Organic Farmers Association. "Hydroponic producers getting the benefit of the organic label without actually doing anything to benefit the soil undermines the standard and put all soil-based organic farmers at an untenable economic disadvantage."


RFK, Jr.: “This is huge! Ohio voters passed groundbreaking legislation that allows citizens to sue on behalf of the lake when it’s being polluted.”

Lake Erie just won the same legal rights as people

Ohio voters passed groundbreaking legislation that allows citizens to sue on behalf of the lake when it’s being polluted.



What is GMO?

Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives


Secret Ingredients

The secret ingredients in our food may be a lead driver of our obesity, infertility, cancer, digestive problems, autism, brain fog, skin conditions, gluten sensitivity, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, and many other conditions. Meet more than a dozen people whose turned around serious health conditions after adopting a diet that avoids genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and food sprayed with toxic herbicides like Roundup. Learn from leading physicians who say that these are not coincidences. They see illness and recovery like this every day in their practice. And listen to the scientists who explain why.


Moms Across America - Communities Rising

Across the country, citizens are taking action to protect their families from GMOs and toxic chemicals. Watch and share this moving and inspiring story.


Pollinator-Friendly Plants for Northeast United States

Arty turns 11 this summer.