Seneff: “Latest GG post - jury selection for the new NHL trial now underway. A quite entertaining read. Written by a juror for the Dewayne Johnson trial.”

BRING EM IN! by Glyphosate Girl

Before we get to the coverage of the first Hardeman v Monsanto jury selection hearing, I need to update readers on the controversial claim made by Judge Chhabria at the hearing last Wednesday. As you may recall in my last post, Chhabria explained that lawyers effectively write the expert witness reports, with some editing performed by the expert. Well, one of the expert witnesses from this trial reached out to me with this comment:

“Bullshit. I have written every line of every expert report I have done over many years.”

So there you go. I have to believe that those who take great pride in their academic or professional expertise would insist that the work to which they stand by in court is her/his own. At least, that’s how I’d feel if I were the expert.


As promised, we have a special guest contributor. Introducing none other than Johnson Juror #4, Robert (Bob) Howard. Bob wrote one of the influential letters to Judge Bolanos following the JNOV hearing, and has continued to closely follow and eloquently write about the ongoing Monsanto story.

Please enjoy Agent OJ’s recap of last Friday’s hearing, as all parties sorted through potential juror questionaires.

Juror #53 – The questionnaire asks for each potential juror’s opinion about large damage awards. Chhabria tosses juror #53 who wrote: “Just pay the man,” and “Treble damages please” in response to this question. I am sensing that there is a lot of animosity towards Monsanto up and down the NorCal coast.

After a break, there is a discussion of how many jurors there will be. I think, twelve, right? Wrong. Federal trial can have as few as six jurors, and the discussion is whether there will be nine or ten. The plaintiffs tell me later that, obviously, they want nine. Fewer is better because the verdict in federal court has to be unanimous, so one less juror to convince. Chhabria is leaning towards nine.

Minnesota Becomes 5th State to Restrict Use of Monsanto Herbicide

Although essentially no studies or tests were conducted to prove the safety of dicamba before the EPA approved it, there is already at least one study linking dicamba to lung and colon cancer, and another study linking it to non-Hodgkis lymphoma.

Seneff: “GREAT new article by Dr. Mercola on the fiasco involving an award from the AAAS to two esteemed researchers who have found a strong link between glyphosate exposure and the devastating chronic kidney disease of "unknown" origin affecting agricultural workers in Sri Lanka and Central America.”

Why Was Scientific Freedom Award for Discovery of Glyphosate’s Role in Chronic Kidney Disease Rescinded?

The herbicide glyphosate persists in wild, edible plants says UNBC professor - Vancouver Sun

Edible and medicinal forest plants that survive aerial spraying of glyphosate can retain the herbicide and related residues for at least a year, a new study has found.

"The highest and most consistent levels of glyphosate and AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid) were found in herbaceous perennial root tissues, but shoot tissues and fruit were also shown to contain glyphosate in select species," according the study published in the Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Seneff: “Yay! this is long overdue but it's awesome to see Europe taking action to greatly increase transparency of studies conducted by the agrichemical industry.”

Major win for transparency of pesticide and GMO safety studies in Europe

New rules will oblige the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to publish all industry studies backing regulatory decisions on pesticides, GM foods, and feed additives.

Previously these industry studies were kept secret. Under the new rules it will still be up to industry to conduct the safety studies, but they will be published, so that independent scientists can check their contents and the conclusions that EFSA draws from them.

How the Trump Administration Pulled Back on Regulating Toxic Chemicals

The Trump administration has halted bans on toxic chemicals that are known to cause serious health threats. These moves, led by an ex-industry group executive now at the EPA, have allowed the continued use of products found to cause cancer, birth defects, and other ailments.

The regulated, in short, had become the regulators. And then the ethics office had signed off on this role reversal as the new norm.

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World's food supply under 'severe threat' from loss of biodiversity

Plants, insects and organisms crucial to food production in steep decline, says UN

“The foundations of our food systems are being undermined,” wrote Graziano da Silva, the director general of the Food and Agriculture Organisation, in an introduction to the study. “Parts of the global report make sombre reading. It is deeply concerning that in so many production systems in so many countries, biodiversity for food and agriculture and the ecosystem services it provides are reported to be in decline.”

Agriculture was often to blame, he said, due to land-use changes and unsustainable management practices, such as over-exploitation of the soil and a reliance on pesticides, herbicides and other agro-chemicals.


What is GMO?

Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives

Secret Ingredients

The secret ingredients in our food may be a lead driver of our obesity, infertility, cancer, digestive problems, autism, brain fog, skin conditions, gluten sensitivity, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, and many other conditions. Meet more than a dozen people whose turned around serious health conditions after adopting a diet that avoids genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and food sprayed with toxic herbicides like Roundup. Learn from leading physicians who say that these are not coincidences. They see illness and recovery like this every day in their practice. And listen to the scientists who explain why.

Moms Across America - Communities Rising

Across the country, citizens are taking action to protect their families from GMOs and toxic chemicals. Watch and share this moving and inspiring story.

Pollinator-Friendly Plants for Northeast United States
Arty turns 10 this summer.