First Federal Monsanto Roundup Trial Begins Monday in San Francisco

February 21, 2019, San Francisco, California – – The trial of Edwin Hardeman v. Monsanto Company (now Bayer) will begin with opening arguments on Monday, February 25, 2019in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco before Judge Vince Chhabria. Jury selection occurred on February 20, 2019 and a panel of seven women and two men were chosen. The trial is expected to last a month.

Mr. Hardeman’s case is the lead case of the federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) against Monsanto and the first of the group to proceed to trial. More than 1,600 cases in the MDL are pending before Judge Chhabria, all filed by plaintiffs who allege exposure to Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer caused them to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).

Edwin Hardeman and his wife spent decades living in Sonoma County, California, on 56 acres of land that was once used as an exotic animal refuge. Mr. Hardeman started using Roundup products to treat poison oak, overgrowth, and weeds on his property in the 1980s and continued heavy spray activity through 2012. In February of 2015, he was diagnosed with B-cell NHL, roughly a month before the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate, a key ingredient in Roundup, as a “probable human carcinogen.”

Corporate Crime Reporter...

Seneff: “AAAS retracts award following industry pressure. I am so pleased that Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii, presidential hopeful) is taking a stance against this despicable act. I now worship the ground she walks on! Please help this news go viral!”

With Monsanto and Glyphosate on the Run AAAS Revokes Award to Scientists Whose Studies Led to Ban on Weedkiller in Sri Lanka and Other Countries

Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) last week called for a ban.

“We need to ban all products containing glyphosate, including Roundup,” Gabbard tweeted on February 16. “It’s poisoning our people, butterflies and other insects, the land and the water.”

And then again today, Gabbard tweeted: “Monsanto proves they’ll do anything to pad their pockets, including manufacturing ‘scientific studies’ to influence the EPA while destroying small farmers. They unleashed the scourge of Roundup on us and should be held accountable for the consequences.”

“The AAAS has a lot of explaining to do about why they revoking an award to these two scientists,” said Gary Ruskin of US Right to Know. “The appearance here is that the AAAS is caving to the agrichemical industry.”

“The AAAS has many significant ties to the agrichemical industry. An influential former AAAS president, Nina Federoff, works for the Big Ag lobbying firm Olsson Frank. Other former AAAS presidents, such as Peter Raven, have close ties to Monsanto.”

And former Monsanto employee Alison L. Van Eenennaam is the incoming chair of the AAAS Agriculture, Food and Renewable Resources Steering Group.

“Is corporate corruption eating at the heart of American science?” Ruskin asked.

Exposure to glyphosate-based herbicides increases risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma – new analysis

The paper is published in the journal Mutation Research/Reviews in Mutation Research, whose editor-in-chief is EPA toxicologist David DeMarini. Three of the study authors were members of the EPA's scientific advisory panel on glyphosate who have stated publicly that the EPA failed to follow proper scientific practices in its glyphosate assessment.

The authors state in their paper, "Together, all of the meta-analyses conducted to date, including our own, consistently report the same key finding: exposure to glyphosate, more precisely to GBHs [glyphosate-based herbicides], is associated with a statistically significant increased risk of NHL."

Exposure to Glyphosate-Based Herbicides and Risk for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Meta-Analysis and Supporting Evidence

UW study: Exposure to chemical in Roundup increases risk for cancer

“Our analysis focused on providing the best possible answer to the question of whether or not glyphosate is carcinogenic,” said senior author Lianne Sheppard, a professor in the UW departments of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences and Biostatistics. “As a result of this research, I am even more convinced that it is.”

New study…

Can’t access the whole study, but the Abstract sums it up...

The presence of glyphosate in forest plants with different life strategies one-year after application by Lisa June Wood, PhD

ABSTRACT: Persistent non-lethal doses of glyphosate in plant tissue may have implications for the edible and/or medicinal use of native plants. This study investigated native plants growing in northern British Columbia (BC), Canada, to determine glyphosate presence and location-within-tissue in select species of traditional-use value with different life strategies. Perennial herbaceous and woody plants were collected one year after forestry-based applications of glyphosate in the Peace River Region of BC. Shoot, fruit, and root portions of select species were analyzed for glyphosate and aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA) residues using HPLC-IPCMS. Glyphosate residues were found one-year post-application. The highest and most consistent levels of glyphosate and AMPA were found in herbaceous perennial root tissues, but shoot tissues and fruit were also shown to contain glyphosate in select species. Levels found in some cases were greater than expected. Findings indicate the ability of glyphosate to be stored in root structures of perennial plants during dormancy periods, and move up to shoot and fruit portions in years following applications in some species. Further investigation is required to determine the timeline associated with glyphosate presence in plant tissues.;#.XG3E8uHYo3F

Trader Joe’s Organic Apple juice...

Push to protect kids from toxic metals found in juice

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal is now calling on the FDA to establish mandatory standards to strictly limit heavy metals in fruit juices and other food.

Arsenic and Lead Are in Your Fruit Juice: What You Need to Know

CR finds concerning levels of heavy metals in almost half of tested juices. Here’s how to protect yourself and your family.

Twenty-four national, store, and private-label brands were represented: 365 Everyday Value (Whole Foods), Apple & Eve, Big Win (Rite Aid), Capri Sun, Clover Valley (Dollar General), Great Value (Walmart), Gerber, Good2Grow, Gold Emblem (CVS), Goya, Honest Kids, Juicy Juice, Looza, Market Pantry (Target), Minute Maid, Mott’s, Nature’s Own, Ocean Spray, Old Orchard, R.W. Knudsen, Simply Balanced (Target), Trader Joe’s, Tree Top, and Welch’s.


Trader Joe’s Fresh Pressed Apple Juice was the only product above the FDA’s proposed 10 ppb limit for inorganic arsenic, with the three samples we tested averaging 15.4 ppb. When asked about those results, a Trader Joe’s spokesperson said, “We will investigate your findings, as [we are] always ready to take whatever action is necessary to ensure the safety and quality of our products.”

Seneff: “Maybe consumer pressure will get them to stop spraying wheat, oats, legumes, etc., with glyphosate just before harvest! It's important to only buy organic for food items derived from these crops.”

New study questions practice of desiccation with glyphosate herbicide

New article by Glyphosategirl. Pre-Trial update...


After Monsanto raises a question as to whether a Plaintiff expert plagiarized some of his expert report, Chhabria shuts down that claim. Chhabria explains the way expert reports work. Typically, the lawyer writes the first draft of the expert report and then the expert reviews it, trading it back and forth with changes. In that respect, every expert report is plagiarized. I had no idea – the experts on both sides get paid a lot of money to not even write the first draft of their own report. I should become an expert in something.

From GMO Free CNY...

Scientists Release Controversial Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In High-Security Lab

"The females become a bit more male," Mueller says. "A kind of hermaphrodite."

While genetically female, the transformed insects have mouths that resemble male mosquito mouths. That means they can't bite and so can't spread the malaria parasite. In addition, the insects' reproductive organs are deformed, which means they can't lay eggs.

As more and more female mosquitoes inherit two copies of the modification, more and more become sterile.

GMO Free USA: “The GMO industry is pushing the USDA to approve their GMO American chestnut tree, developed to resist a deadly blight. If approved, it would be the first genetically engineered forest tree legalized in the U.S. It would also be the first GMO approved for release in the wild with the intention of spreading pollen to contaminate wild relatives with the engineered trait. The unregulated GMO American chestnut would eventually replace the wild American chestnut, which would no longer exist in the forests. “Promoters of the GE blight-resistant American chestnut tree, such as the Forest Health Initiative have been very clear that it is a ‘test tree’ intended to win public approval,” added Dr. Rachel Smolker, Director of Biofuelwatch. “Engineering trees is not about ‘forest health,’ it is about manufacturing trees that produce more biomass, can be more cheaply processed in biofuel refineries or pulp mills, or produce chemicals that can be used in industrial processes. There is nothing healthy for forests about GE trees.”

Genetically Engineered American Chestnut Tree Called ‘Trojan Horse’ Aimed at Opening Door to Commercialize GE Trees

Cornell Student Who Took on Bill Gates, Monsanto Plans to Expose Their Agenda Even Further in Blockbuster New Project - 2018

California Scientists Developing Cow-Free Dairy Milk From GMO Yeast and 3D Printed Milk Proteins

Along the same vein, lab-created “gene silenced” GMO foods like strawberries and wheat are also in the pipeline after a recent $125 million deal with Monsanto.

Now, a Berkeley, California company is taking things a step further, announcing plans to “disrupt” the dairy industry with a new product made from 3D printed milk proteins, as part of a process than prominently involves GMO yeast.

The brainchild of Ryan Pandya, formerly of the Bill Gates funded Biotech and vaccine company MassBiologics, and co-founder Perumal Gandhi, the company Perfect Day aims to produce cow-free milk with the goal of disrupting the dairy industry.

Monsanto’s $125 Million Deal to Flood The Market With New GMO Strawberry, Wheat & More

The alleged goal of this new pairing is to create foods that will “last longer” on store shelves, but what good is longer-lasting food if the health consequences are unknown due to a lack of long-term testing, and the creation of new foods that are inherently foreign to the body?

Already one Columbia University study has shown that this type of gene editing can create “hundreds of unintended mutations” within the target organism. It’s not known whether this extends to gene edited foods, but now the question is, “Do you want to be the guinea pig?”

Independent Science News 2018

Hidden Health Dangers: A Former Agbiotech Insider Wants His GMO Crops Pulled - 2018 by Caius Rommens

It was as hard for me to consider that my GMO varieties might be corrupted as it is for parents to doubt the perfection of their children. Our assumption was that GMOs are safe. But my pro-biotech filter eventually wore thin and finally shattered entirely.

I identified some minor mistakes and had my first doubts about the products of my work. I wanted to re-evaluate our program and slow it down, but it was too little too late. Business leaders were involved now. They saw dollar signs. They wanted to expand and speed-up the program, not slow it down.

New Report Exposes Deceptive Marketing in $9 Billion-Dollar Snack Bar Industry

“When a company uses the ‘made with’ organic ingredients claim, it’s likely that they have chosen to use one or more relatively inexpensive organic ingredients, such as organic oats, tapioca/rice syrup, or flour,” said Cornucopia’s co-director Mark Kastel. “This enables them to legally use the word ‘organic’ on the front packaging, even though up to 30% of the contents are conventional.”

Snack Bars: Deceptive Marketing Exposed

The Report

(page 12 Clif Bars: 30% cheaper ingredients)

In addition, natural flavors in organic foods cannot contain any synthetic carrier systems or artificial preservatives.29 A non-organic bar could claim to be “all natural” yet contain natural flavors with synthetic carriers and preservatives, such as polysorbate 80, BHT, BHA, triacetin, and propylene glycol (see section below on preservatives). Since these are sub-ingredients in the natural flavor powder, the FDA does not require that they be included in the ingredients list, even though they appear in the final product.

Malic acid is added to many bars to change the taste. It enhances certain flavors, like fruit, while masking less-desirable flavors like protein isolates. Malic acid in conventional bars is likely DL-malic acid, a synthetic substance made from petroleum-based chemicals, including butane and benzene.30 Organic standards allow only Lmalic acid, the naturally occurring form found in apple juice, rhubarb, and grapes, for example, made without the use of petrochemicals.

Is The Pentagon Modifying Viruses To Save Crops — Or To Wage Biological Warfare?

"It seems much easier to harm a plant with this technology than to make it more resilient," she says. It's pretty easy to imagine using modified insects and viruses during wartime to destroy an opponent's crops. So the research risks being perceived as a violation of the Biological Weapons Treaty. She recently co-authored a commentary in the journal Science calling for more public debate about this research.

Wal-Mart: Bee Patents...

Invasion of the ‘frankenbees’: the danger of building a better bee - 2018

The pesticide is designed to attack the nervous system of crop-munching pests, but studies have shown it can be harmful to insects such as the European honeybee. It muddles the bees’ super-acute sense of direction and upsets their feeding habits, while it can also alter the queen’s reproductive anatomy and sterilise males. As contaminated beehives piled up, Bayer paid €2m (£1.76m) into a compensation fund for beekeepers in the affected area, but offered no admission of guilt.

Beekeepers fear genetic engineering of honeybees will introduce patents and privatisation to one of the last bastions of agriculture that is collectively managed and owned by no one. “Think about it,” Haefeker told me, “the one area Big Ag doesn’t yet control is pollination.” And pollination is huge. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that pollinators help farmers grow crops worth up to $577bn (£437bn) annually.

Damage to the bee population, by harming a vital pollinator, is already threatening crops worldwide. Outside FAO’s headquarters in Rome, a neon billboard flashes in English, Italian and Arabic a series of urgent save-the-planet messages. Save the bees tops the list. If bees disappear, food crops and animal feeds, not to mention the raw materials for biofuels (from canola and palm oil), textiles (cotton) and medicines, will simply vanish from much of the planet. It has got so bad in some parts of China that humans already pollinate some crops by hand. In what feels like a riff on a Black Mirror episode, Harvard researchers are working on the RoboBee, a flying robotic pollinator that is half the size of a paperclip and weighs less than one-tenth of a gram. In March, Walmart filed a series of patents for its own tiny robotic pollinators.

Let $289 million jury award stand in Monsanto case By Neil Young and Daryl Hannah - 2018

CRISPR gene editing produces unwanted DNA deletions - 2018

DNA-cutting enzyme used for genetic modification can create large deletions and shuffle genes.

Forbes retracts attack on paper showing link between glyphosate and cancer

Tobacco industry-linked author failed to disclose Monsanto connections

Association between SV40 and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. - 2003

ABSTRACT: “Millions of people worldwide were inadvertently exposed to live simian virus 40 (SV40) between 1955 and 1963 through immunization with SV40-contaminated polio vaccines....We conclude that SV40 is significantly associated with some types of NHL and that lymphomas should be added to the types of human cancers associated with SV40.”

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Non Toxic Communities

The herbicide glyphosate persists in wild, edible plants says UNBC professor

What is GMO?

Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives

Secret Ingredients

The secret ingredients in our food may be a lead driver of our obesity, infertility, cancer, digestive problems, autism, brain fog, skin conditions, gluten sensitivity, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, and many other conditions. Meet more than a dozen people whose turned around serious health conditions after adopting a diet that avoids genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and food sprayed with toxic herbicides like Roundup. Learn from leading physicians who say that these are not coincidences. They see illness and recovery like this every day in their practice. And listen to the scientists who explain why.

Moms Across America - Communities Rising

Across the country, citizens are taking action to protect their families from GMOs and toxic chemicals. Watch and share this moving and inspiring story.

Pollinator-Friendly Plants for Northeast United States
Arty turns 11 this summer.