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In the world's richest nation.

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Not my Prez

My 32 year old niece just died this morning because she couldn't afford her asthma medicine. mad mad mad
The ACA screwed everyone.
Lack of ACA for everyone screwed everyone. Now we need Medicare for all. Or some method of health insurance for all whatever you want to call it. You can call it peaches if you want. LOL

No Ben the ACA screwed everyone. The ACA took health insurance away from millions and made the insurance they had to get even more expensive. We already have insurance for all. If you don't have the income it is called Medicaid, if you have the income it is called private insurance. Works in every other country except two.

The ACA added MILLIONS to the ranks of those who could afford insurance. Losses of coverage were virtually non-existent.

Lower health insurance costs by the VAST majority of new recipients, and those who experienced increases were from households with total annual incomes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. States that declined federal monies, were exclusively those with the highest cost increases and greatest net loss of those insured. Plus, your assertions conveniently and incorrectly claim that millions lost their coverage. They did NOT. You also fail to mention that such things as price controls and guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions never previously existed. However, almost 4,000,000 have lost coverage under Trump.

So much for your alleged 'facts'.


Mr. Timbo, you keep posting links to known Liberal propaganda sites as if they are some sort of gold standard for truth, and facts.

How about you find a new source for truth, and facts that are real!!
Luke 8:17

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