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The big tax question of the year: Will you get a super-sized refund or suddenly discover that you’re going to end up writing one monster check?

you live in NYS

does NYS rate near the top for high income, local , property, school, sales, gas ... taxes?

call up governor cuomo (democrat) to tell him your taxes are too high

thought the tolls were to be removed for using the thruway?

that adds to your costs of goods you buy because truckers have to pay the tolls and those toll costs are passed to you the consumer

Escape From New York? High-Taxing Empire State Loses 3.4 ...
The calculator shows that 612,520 people renounced their citizenship in New York State and moved to Florida in the 10-year period, taking with them $19.7 billion in adjusted growth income. Between 2009 and 2010 alone, 40,195 New York residents moved to Florida, taking $1.3 billion in income.

Why Is Leaving New York the Latest Trend? It turns out that leaving New York, not moving there, has established itself as a solid trend. Between 2000 and 2010, the Tax Foundation found that 3.4 million residents moved out of New York, Forbes listed the state in their feature “ The States People are Fleeing in 2014 ,” and New York was the third highest “moving out” or ...

Sanctuary Governor To Give Illegals Free College Tuition ...
Give all illegal immigrants the same access to a free college education as regular citizens. And leave those regular citizens to pay the bill. “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently revealed his FY 2019 budget proposal, which would extend the state’s free tuition program to illegal immigrant students.

looks like you will pay for that program also

De Blasio Announces Free Health Care for Illegal AliensNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced Tuesday that the city would roll out an unprecedented initiative offering free health care to all illegal immigrants.

and that one also