Michael Cohen's Lawyer Rips Trump's 'Mafioso Don' Witness 'Intimidation'
HuffPost Mary Papenfuss,HuffPost Fri, Jan 18 9:55 PM EST

A lawyer for Michael Cohen blasted gibes by President Donald Trump concerning Cohen’s family that he compared to threats from a “mafioso don” intended to “intimidate a witness.”

“The president of the United States [is] trying to intimidate a witness that is trying to tell the truth and called him a rat for telling the truth. That sounds like a mafioso don ... it creates fear in the family of Michael Cohen,” attorney Lanny Davis told Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily.”

“There is fear that Mr. Trump has supporters either in this country or maybe abroad that have a motivation to harm,” Davis added.
Trump == 30,573 lies in 4 years, Only president impeached twice!