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"What has been accomplished so far:

* Trump was elected even though the Media was completely in the tank for Hillary, and the election was rigged. (HUGE)

*More Pedos have been arrested in the year and a half under Trump than under any previous president in that time period. At least weekly we are hearing about some sex ring being exposed, and not just in the US.

* It seems like half of Congress is stepping down and won't be running for re-election.

* There are at least hundreds of CEO's and other higher ups in corporations that have stepped down.

* The upper tiers of the FBI and DOJ have been removed and replaced.

* We know about NXIVM and the Podestas, along with a significant number of Hollywood elites getting exposed.

* Saudi Arabia went through a huge corruption purge.

* The puppet masters in North Korea were neutralized and Trump was able to free Kim and allow him to run the country as he wants. Which appears to be as at least a S. Korea ally. Also, I don't know for sure, but I expect the plan was being implemented when Kim became ruler of NK, his brothers would probably not have been this open to the US as an ally, even if the puppet masters were gone. I tend to think some sorting was done prior to Kim's daddy's death.

* Venezuela is falling apart. (Not sure how much this Admin. has to do with it, but I wouldn't be surprised.)

* The Iranian government is on the verge of collapse.

* Several assassination attempts have been thwarted.

* Human trafficking rings have been exposed on the Mexico border.

* The entire Democratic party is in disarray. Pelosi is acting like she has Alzheimer so she can claim medial issues when she is arrested.

* I haven't had to listen to an Obama speech in a long time (thank god).

* Bill and Hillary are flying commercial.

* And believe it or not the DOJ has legitimate investigations going on of, just to name a few, the CF, the Clinton emails, U1, voter fraud, several murders (including Seth Rich), and the treasonous acts of the 2016 election and since.

* Retooling and revamping of the Judicial Branch.

* Established alliances in the Legislative Branch.

* Over 45,000 sealed indictments.

* The public is aware of the MSM's skullduggery.

* The public is more suspicious of the official narrative, making it more possible to implement the rest of the plan.

* The US economy is no longer being intentionally strangled to make alternative governments appear appealing.

* GITMO is ready for new Tenants.

Now think about who and what they are having to fight:

* Several ex Presidents,

* Several of the last few losers of the Presidential election. (Hillary, McCain, and Kerry to name a few.)

* The Rothschild's family and consequently all central banks worldwide

* At least part of each of the Canadian, UK, German, Mexican, Russian, Chinese, and Australian governments,

* The UN

* A significant portion of the US bureaucracy that was at least partially established for the specific purpose to limit the power of these elected officials - The DOJ, FBI, IRS, Sec. of State to name a few,

* An untold number of billionaires from the US and abroad and their massive companies - Google, Twitter, FB, and many of the industrial complex.

* The rogue CIA (makers of several of the billionaires, and MSM)

* A significant portion of the Judicial branch,

* Most of the Legislative branch,

* The Democrat party



* George Soros and his bands of paid mercenaries

* Coyotes, drug runners, and drug dealers, consequently Mexican and other organized crime syndicates

* Religious (church) corruption

* The medical bureaucracy (Big Pharma)

Neither one of these are close to a complete list and all of these have had well over a year and a half to put their corruption in place. Some probably decades if not centuries. They also had a plan and had generations and sinister tools such as blackmail to use to implement their evil. Thank God we have a few brilliant, honest, Americans, fighting with everything they've got to bring all this down.

I will allow them what time they need and if they need my services all they have to do is call." Unknown