Seneff: “New paper showing widespread presence of glyphosate in the urine of dogs and cats. Previous studies (Including one published by Anthony Samsel and myself) have shown that glyphosate is present at high levels in both dog and cat food, so this is probably no surprise. However, I was surprised to see that they found N-methyl glyphosate in the urine. The glycine equivalent of this would be N-methyl glycine, otherwise known as sarcosine. Papers have shown a link between sarcosine and prostate cancer.”

Widespread occurrence of glyphosate in urine from pet dogs and cats in New York State, USA

France Becomes First Country In Europe To Ban All Pesticides Linked To Bee Deaths

Through the enforcement of this ban, France has indeed moved beyond the apparent boundaries set by the European Union. While only three neonicotinoids had been outlawed by the EU, France went on to ban all five of them.

Moreover, this ban is applicable not only in outdoor fields but also within greenhouses.

Britain had initially opposed this ban, but they eventually came around after more evidence surfaced supporting this. More so, after researchers discovered these pesticides cause the mysterious “colony collapse disaster” among bees in Europe and elsewhere.

Seneff: “This is a useful website for learning about the dangers of glyphosate and the exposure levels in our food. Several good articles.”

Weedkiller Crisis

Independent Organization Tracking The Unfolding Legal & Health Crisis Surrounding Exposure to Weed Killer Products

Seneff: “New podcast interview between me and Dr. Michael Karlfeldt on Health Made Radio. On my favorite topic: glyphosate acting as a glycine analogue.

Devastation of Glyphosate on the Body

What is GMO?

Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives

Secret Ingredients

The secret ingredients in our food may be a lead driver of our obesity, infertility, cancer, digestive problems, autism, brain fog, skin conditions, gluten sensitivity, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, and many other conditions. Meet more than a dozen people whose turned around serious health conditions after adopting a diet that avoids genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and food sprayed with toxic herbicides like Roundup. Learn from leading physicians who say that these are not coincidences. They see illness and recovery like this every day in their practice. And listen to the scientists who explain why.

Moms Across America - Communities Rising

Across the country, citizens are taking action to protect their families from GMOs and toxic chemicals. Watch and share this moving and inspiring story.
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