YUP, I am sure about the careful oversight as well:

Seneca Supervisors told investigation is done, goes to DA next
By DAVID L. SHAW dshaw@fltimes.com Dec 28, 2018 0

WATERLOO — With a few days to spare, the investigation into possible malfeasance by two former Seneca County officials has been completed.

Members of the Seneca County Board of Supervisors were given an update on the investigation by Sheriff Tim Luce in a closed-door session Thursday.

The board cited the reason for the executive session, under the state Open Meetings Law, was to discuss “information relating to current or future investigation or prosecution of a criminal offense which would imperil effective law enforcement if disclosed.”

The board directed the investigation by the Sheriff’s Department on Oct. 23. The probe was to look at the actions of former County Manager John Sheppard and former county Finance Director Brandi Deeds regarding county fiscal matters uncovered in an independent audit of 2017 and ‘18 county finances, plus other actions of potential malfeasance.

Both resigned this past summer, and the county has had to spend some $100,000 for the auditing firm to stay on and help county staff correct the discrepancies for submission to the state.

“The investigation has been completed, all the interviews are done and we are ready to turn it over to the district attorney’s office for a decision on whether there is criminal activity that could be prosecuted,” Luce said before the closed door session began.

Board Chairman Bob Shipley, R-Waterloo, said there would be no formal action by the board after the executive session ended. The referral to the DA’s office will be made in January and go to acting DA Mark Sinkiewicz.

Sinkiewicz, the first assistant DA, will take over Jan. 1 for DA Barry Porsch, who was elected Seneca County judge in November.


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periodic audits are required by law and I'm sure the county watches very carefully. They don't use cash, if that is an insinuation

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